Crypto-Collateral Lending and Financing

Obtain fiat loans and other debt instruments or investment vehicles by using your crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS, as collateral, without missing out on the potential future increase in value of the underlying crypto assets.


Leverage the value and retain the growth potential of your crypto assets securely.


Get funded in USD on your collateralized loan with our Tailored Client Options.


Our Tailored Client Options allows you to use your new funds to reinvest and grow.

Leverage Your Crypto Assets

The Emergence of Crypto-Collateral Based Lending

As blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies continue to evolve and become more popular with the masses, financial institutions are now recognizing the power and value of this revolutionary industry. Confidebat and Scrypto Finance & Trust is proud to offer a new financial tool for you and your business to leverage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or EOS, as a form of collateral for fiat USD loans. This will allow you to access a new world of established financial services such as debit cards, mortgages, and securities accounts.

Access higher levels of cash flow

Borrow up to 70% LTV of your crypto-assets

We offer a range of services to secure and collateralize crypto assets in order to get access to fiat loans, other debt instruments and investment vehicles. Miners may want to pay their operating costs or fund new equipment. Family office, institutional and high net worth clients may want to diversify their portfolios by purchasing income-producing real estate or other real assets by leveraging their crypto assets without missing out on the potential future increase in value of the underlying crypto assets.

Client Onboarding Process

Our services are tailored for clients with holding of at least 250 BTC or equivalent. We guide clients through our KYC/AML process, domicile each client in Wyoming with a local LLC, and then open a deposit account with Rocky Mountain Bank in Jackson, Wyoming. No credit checks are needed to access our asset-based financial services.

Confidebat is Latin for TRUSTED

(pronounced con-FYE-duh-bat)

Why Confidebat?

Confidebat was borne out of the need to safely and successfully broker deals between a multitude of buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are only a small handful of legitimate brokers and facilitators around the world, and with Confidebat’s dedication and persistence for compliance, partnerships with legal and verified entities and banking institutions, as well as proprietary Intellectual Properties and Technologies, we are changing how digital asset transfers are working by facilitating trusted buyers and sellers through a safe and secure process.
Daryl Snyder

Daryl Snyder

Chief Executive Officer

Krista Parise

Krista Parise