Large Purchase Privacy and Protection

Do you have crypto and want to purchase an exotic car or a private jet? Or maybe a mansion by the water? Confidebat can help you live your dream, while keeping your crypto assets private and secure.

Live Your Dream

You have built up a significant portfolio of crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, BCH and EOS…now you can safely buy the luxuries the you deserve.

Complete Privacy

We help you preserve your private crypto assets by converting your Bitcoin and other alt-coins into fiat so you can safely make your large purchases.

High Level Protection

Rest assured that Confidebat will help you to maintain complete control and protect your hard earned digital crypto assets throughout the entire process.

Crypto Asset Liquidation

Quickly and easily liquidate part of your crypto assets and turn your Bitcoin and alt-coins into fiat

Confidebat and its trusted partners will help you to liquidate your Bitcoin and alt-coins and turn them into cash, so you can use the funds to purchase the car, boat, private jet, mansion – whatever you wish – of your dreams. Your crypto is safely and securely offered for sale through our private partnerships quickly so you can access your money fast.

Confidebat is Latin for TRUSTED

(pronounced con-FYE-duh-bat)

Why Confidebat?

Confidebat was borne out of the need to safely and successfully broker deals between a multitude of buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are only a small handful of legitimate brokers and facilitators around the world, and with Confidebat’s dedication and persistence for compliance, partnerships with legal and verified entities and banking institutions, as well as proprietary Intellectual Properties and Technologies, we are changing how digital asset transfers are working by facilitating trusted buyers and sellers through a safe and secure process.
Daryl Snyder

Daryl Snyder

Chief Executive Officer

Krista Parise

Krista Parise